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Achievements and Awards




Monica can do anything she wants to do and so can YOU!


  Using different senses such as touch, taste, smell and hearing Monica can put on her own makeup, style her hair, cook, clean, do laundry, write checks and balance her checkbook, write letters, pay bills, file and retrieve paperwork in her filing cabinet, use an iPhone, learn typing and computer skills and MUCH MORE!


  Monica has also learned how to navigate outside her home. She has learned to shop, utilize the bus system, make her way through any airport, fly on a plane, enjoy the rides  in amusement parks, walk the NYS Fair, ride horses, volunteer for organizations, attend church, attend concerts, go out to dinner, enjoy camping and boating, swimming at the beach and even drive a sand car in the California desert.


  With the assistance of audible technologies Monica can read mail, identify different currency, distinguish different colors, tell time, measure objects, create and use a file system, manage her blood sugar and insulin and  label items in her home. Just to mention a few.










Aurora of Central New York, Inc. presented to Monica The Excellence Award In Recognition of her Outstanding Personal Achievements.

"Monica Johnson, of Syracuse, regarded as a "true inspiration" and a living example of someone who has lost her physical sight, only to gain a whole new vision. She makes the most of her opportunities as a gifted equine riding instructor and as a motivational speaker. Johnson has a special call to speak to young people to encourage them to "find their indentities early so they won't be swayed and searching."



(As reported in the Syracuse Post Standard Newspaper)

That same year she started her own motivational speaking business, Vision With No Sight. Since 2009 she has spoken to many schools, churches, groups and more than 35 businesses.


Since 2013 Monica has been a member of the Speakers Bureau for Aurora of CNY and The United Way of CNY. 


Monica is featured in a calendar sold nationwide titled "Seeing Differently 2015"

In 2019 and 2022 Monica was the commencement speaker for the STRIVE pre-college program at Lemoyne College. This particular program is put on by Aurora and Lemoyne College for any visually impaired or blind kids who want to attend college. This is for kids Freshman year and up in New York State who want to attend college. This program allows them to experience what college life would be like for a month. Kids will learn how to get around campus, live on their own in dorms, do laundry, get mail, navigate bathrooms, go to classes, go on field trips and much more.

Starting in January 2020 Monica accepted a new volunteer role of being the support group coordinator of Aurora of CNY. 

For the Aurora of CNY Musical Feast For The Eyes And Ears in 2021, Monica exceeded everyone's expectations when she became the event auctioneer. With her help Aurora raised more money than ever before. They loved her so much; they have invited her back to do it again in October 2022


You can view Monica on the WCNY tv show "Cycle of Health" at the following link:


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