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Topics I Speak On

  Monica's passion is to encourage, empower and give hope to those facing adversity. She inspires all ages to believe they can take on any challenge and overcome every obstacle in life. 


 Monica is able to accomplish this by speaking on the following:


> Diabetes Education: Learn the ins and outs and dos and dont's of diabetes.


> Education on blindness: Monica demonstrates how the visually impaired can live in a sighted world using electronic aids and audible technologies


> Suicide - God's message to me: "It's not that you want things to end, it's that you want things to change"


> Dr. Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages Series published by Moody Publishing: Learn how to improve every relationship through better communication and understanding using his series. Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time,   Acts of Service and Gifts. Discover what your love language is.


> Changing the Atmosphere: Learn how to change the atmosphere using encouraging words, gifts of praise, appreciation, etc...


> Communication Skills:  Do you realize what you say with the words that you use? Learn to hear, listen and comprehend. Communicate by speaking exactly what you mean to say.


> Bullying: Not only what you shouldn't do, but positive things you should do


> Perseverance: My Story about overcoming lifes challenges,

 "Not just surviving, but thriving"


> Organization: Learn organizational skills for home and work. (Monica demonstrates how to use paper clips, rubber bands, tape and other items to mark different things for easy identification and access.) Example: To tell a can of corn from other cans, she puts a rubber band around the top.


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