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Monica Johnson - Vision With No Sight

Published by Debbi Robbins-Grim 


"Monica is a superhero. She does ordinary everyday things with extraordinary skill and grace. Her smile is wide, infectious and totally missed by all who love her here in Las Vegas."

"On behalf of Nationwide Insurance Company and our 2014 United Way Awareness Committee I want to thank you for taking the time to come in and speak to our group about the guidance and help you have personally received from Aurora of Central New York. Our group was very engaged during your talk and afterwards several appoached me to tell me how wonderful it was to have you as their team speaker. 


Again, I want to personally thank you for pinch hitting that morning as I know Carol contacted you at the last minute to come in and talk to our group. It was a pleasure to meet you."



Kathie Styer

Nationwide Insurance

United Awareness Committee Chair



"I recently attended an Adaptability Presentation given by Monica Johnson, and was impressed by her professionalism, engaging presentation, and creative solutions. Monica is thoroughly accepting of her handicap, and is eager to overcome all obstacles, and live a full, productive, and independent life. She is truly an inspiration on so many levels. I hope others with or without handicaps have an opportunity to meet this impressive woman. She is remarkable."


Sandra Dobkowski

Assistant Director Office of Publications

Division of Public Affairs Syracuse University

"Thank you so much for coming to speak to the faculty at the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University. You are an inspiration. I am thrilled the United Way was able to help you in so many ways.

All the best to you!"


Sincerely, Stephanie Vasta

Engineering & Computer Science

Dean's Office

"Our administrative team was very impressed and enlightened with Monica's presentation. She really sends a very clear message how a disability does not have to stop you from accomplishing your dreams and goals. A very captivating presentation!"


Linda Goewey, Director of Instruction & Personnel

Central Square School District, August 2012

"Every principal wishes to make enduring, positive and meaningful change in the lives of the students, staff and school communities we lead. Each one of us strives to guide our school as both an academic and cultural leader with profound impact on the trajectory of instructional practice, community engagement and student achievement... not to mention building strength of character, integrity and honor within ourselves and others. We dedicate ourselves to accomplishing this much and more... and along the way, once in a great while, an individual engages the cause who accelerates the progress of our backwards design game plan and makes all goals converge into one singular endeavor. Monica Johnson, motivational speaker, is one such transformational figure. As a building principal, Monica has spoken to my students, staff and fellow administrators... she has shed light on topics ranging from living without sight, yet having vision for life, to the strength of the human spirit in triumph over adversity. Monica is not only a teacher for the non-disabled, but those living with disability that they too can live the full promise of life. In a time of raised academic stakes, increased accountability and curricular paradigm shift, Monica brings purpose, focus and the power of hope. In an era of expanding inclusion and dignity for all, Monica brings vision and example. With tremendous pride I recommend Monica and without reservation suggest that your school will also experience a moment of clarity helping to fulfill the promise of all you seek...enduring, positive and meaningful change."

Michael R. Eiffe, Principal - Superintendent of Chittenango Central School District

2010 United States Blue Ribbon School of Academic Excellence

2012 New York State School of Character - Honorable Mention



Dear Monica,


Thank you very much for the beautiful presentation at our Musical Feast Fundraiser. You did a terrific job, for us & I am so grateful. So many people have commented on your talk & how inspiring you are. Thanks for being so good to our agency! 


Love, Deb Chaiken

Aurora of CNY

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